May 2021

The Haunted House

Hectolitre, Brussels

curated by Simone Basani 

artists: Doris Boerman, Luca Dal Vignale, Diana Duta, Roger Fähndrich 

external Eye: Alice Ciresola



Art producer and dramaturg of upcoming projects by David Weber-Krebs for:

The Silencing of the World

Since From the Future (working title)

On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors (working title)


Curatorial program for House of Practices together with radical_hope / Heike Langsdorf, Miriam Rohde, Hans Bryssynck

Upcoming publications

Invited witness to write an essay about ‘...Through Practices’ - a research environment designed by a group of artists who invite people to come and discover their practice - initiated by radical_hope / Heike Langsdorf & many others. 

'Choreography as Self-Conditioning' for the series 'Choreography as Conditioning' by Langsdorf & Arteaga. 



Jeanne. Or the Western Touch

performative collection for museums and other contexts.

First public presentation: May & June 2021 

curated by Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola 

with: Maïte Alvarez, Roger Fähndrich, Lilia Mestre, and others

co-produced by C-Takt (Genk), wpZimmer (Antwerp), BUDA (Kortrijk), and KAAP (Brugge/Oostende)


wpZimmer (Antwerp)

BUDA (Kortrijk)

C-Takt (Neerpelt)

KAAP (Brugge/Oostend)