18 October 2019

Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej ŁAŹNIA 2 - Gdańsk (Poland)

What does it mean to be nomadic today, in our contemporary world/s? Now that almost every space one could think of is somehow reachable, what does it mean to make a nomadic experience? Is it perhaps to wander through our own memories of places apparently lost forever? Or to connect them with the ones of another person? To try to feel what the other one feels? But is this possible, and, at the end, desirable at all?


In “The Wanderers”, two dancers together with a musician, cross many different places, look for the next one, connect with each other images they find on their way, attempt to transform themselves into other human beings, into things, into something else. As ragpickers or lost troubadours, they try to make sense of their own wandering.


“The Wanderers” is an ever-changing flow of words, sound, and movement. It combines chapters taken from “Bieguni”, written by Olga Tokarczuk, with autobiographical narrations by Gdansk migrant citizens, quotations from feminist thinkers, and personal memories of the performers themselves.

Concept and artistic direction: Simone Basani
Performed by: Dana Chmielewska, Piotr Stanek, Krzysztof Topolski
Movement training and artistic collaboration: Dana Chmielewska
Sound: Krzysztof Topolski
Curatorial support: Alice Ciresola
Dramaturgical support: Valentina Tiziani 
Co-operation: Monika Popow
Translators of Gdansk citizens testimonies: Olga Sachno-Iwaszko, Agnieszka Sprawka
Photos: Alina Żemojdzin
Research phase assistant: Alicja Pek

Special thanks to: Elisabeth Peck, Bartosz Górski, Ryszard Kisiel, Katerina Olshanova, Marta Siciarek, Elena Vertikova for their supportand a very special one to all the interviewed citizens that shared their stories about lost places with us. 

Produced by: LAZNIA CCA
Partner: Gdańsk City Gallery
Co-operation: Winda – Archipelago of Culture 
An accompanying event to Biografie Gdańskie – XVI Days of National Minorities.

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