May 2021

Hectolitre, Brussels 

performative exhibition 


Curator: Simone Basani 

Artists: Doris Boerman, Luca Dal Vignale, Diana Duta, Roger Fähndrich 

External eye: Alice Ciresola

Image from 'Grindr Memories', a series of drawings commissioned to Luca Dal Vignale for the project © Luca Dal Vignale


The door is ajar. Push it, if you dare.

It is time for the Haunted House to insurrect.


The first insurrection happens at Hectolitre: once a farm, later a storage place for antiquities, swingers club, art space. A building with multiple bodies, voices, sexes, and lives.


Come in. They reveal themselves.

Voices and bodies that have always been there, invented or dreamt by the building itself, perhaps just remembered by it.


Why do they seem silent and forgotten most of the time, though?

Who or what shuts them up?

Is it loneliness, self-exploitation, disease? What hunts them?

An alliance between ghostly bodies is ready to emerge.

The Haunted House is supported by radical_hope & Hectolitre.

** Thanks to Annee Grøtte Viken, Tomas Rydin, and nadine - laboratory for contemporary arts.