performative device for exhibition spaces 

Concept: Simone Basani

Curatorial support: Alice Ciresola 

Strangerwatching is a performative device seeking to narrate the relationships between the body of the visitor, the architecture of exhibition spaces and the collection on display.

The performers (called the ‘observers’) share with each other a common methodology of observing, memorizing and narrating, along with a number of literature, essay and poetry references. For each observation session, every single performer follows discreetly an individual or a couple during their visit. While following, the performer memorizes a selection of events and gestures concerning the relationship between the visitor/s, the museum architecture and the collection. The session ends with the performer reporting in detail the selected moments of the tour, edited into a new narration, to the visitors themselves.

The narration offered by the performer to the chosen visitor/s tell the museum space and its collection letting hidden stories emerge. At the same time it keeps track of an ephemeral and ‘worthless’ event (the act of visiting) and it makes the spectators conscious of their own body and gestures within the exhibition space.

The scripts, composed in real time, were based on writings and works by Paul B. Preciado, Jacques Derrida, Antonio Filarete, Sigmund Freud, Le Corbusier, Jean-Paul Sartre, Anne Sexton, Bernard Tschumi, Anthony Vidler, Vitruvius, Jeanette Winterson, Virginia Woolf, Heinrich Wölfflin, among others. 

The performance was presented on the occasion of the finissage of 'Radieuse', exhibition curated by Emmanuel Lambion.