29 January 2014

Venice | Teatrino Palazzo Grassi, Fondazione Pinault 


Concept: Simone Basani and Giulio Alessandri

Performer: Giulio Alessandri

“The reasons of our re-enactment lie all in the the opportunities given by its physical (better, tactile) and conceptual movement. Which are the consequences if we move it (in a conceptual and tactile way)? You can find the whole narrative plot of the lecture-performance inside those consequences. I would suggest as second title: the action of an action.” - Giulio Alessandri

An art scholar and writer is portrayed while examining the different meanings of the object he loves and researches into: the bicycle wheel created in different copies by Duchamp, its faithful and comforting presence in the studio of the artist. The lecture performance changes its own focus while is happening: from the portrait of a scholar to the mutual relationship between the researcher and the art object. 

Video documentation: Alice Pozzoli