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Simone Basani


Simone Basani (IT/BE) is an artist, curator and art producer. His research focuses on participatory strategies, remembrance processes and historical forgetting. By developing his personal research approach to such topics, he aims  to  challenge  the  functioning  of  heteronormative  and  colonial  gaze,  especially  the European one. Collective performances and participatory constructions of physical sites for critical thinking are the main outputs of his practice. They have been presented both in museum spaces and theatres: Fortuny Museum - Venice, Łaznia CCA - Gdansk, Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi - Venice, Villa Empain - Brussels, Vooruit - Gent and others.



Alice Ciresola


Alice Ciresola (IT/BE) is an independent researcher and curator of performance and community art projects currently based in Brussels. She holds a MA in Visual and Performing Arts from IUAV University. In particular, her research revolves around strategies of material and immaterial heritage re-interpretation through site-specific artistic interventions. She is furthermore interested in the potential of audience within processes of meaning-making in museum and exhibition contexts. Her writings and articles are selected by M - Museum Leuven, Frans Hals Museum and web magazines I.OVO and CULT-Veneziepost. Her projects have been presented in: Fortuny Museum - Venice, Łaznia CCA - Gdansk, Villa Empain, Brussels.



SIMONE BASANI and ALICE CIRESOLA work together as an artist-curator duo since 2016, developing participatory projects, collective performances and educational devices for communities and cultural institutions. Together they research on the boundaries between public and museum spaces, particularly focusing on the role of marginal voices in collective processes of remembrance and forgetting.



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