’(Pour)chasser ses rêves’

'module de recherche’ - teaching 

September - December 2019

Co-leading with Maïte Alvarez ’(Pour)chasser ses rêves’, a 'module de recherche’ at Académie royale des Beaux-Arts - Ecole supérieure des Arts (ArBA-EsA). 

Together with a group of 15 students, we have opened a transversal research space, passing by movement, voice, and writing and experiencing multiple ‘in-between’ spaces. The program has combined ‘quest and poetry’ to establish a link between students’ artistic interests and what surrounds them in terms of landscape, visual culture, knowledge.

People we invited to contribute through their practice and knowledge:

Artist and independent researcher Simone Basani who led a workshop about places and memory/ies, ORACLE collective - Justine Maxelon & Caroline Daish - with which we experimented body and voice practice during their residency at Q-O2, Marian del Valle and Contredanse Asbl which opened its Centre de Documentation for personal and collective research, and PHD researchers in Philosophy and Politics Salomé Frémineur & Emmanuel Charreau who proposed a collective reading session. 

A special thank goes to Centre Tour à Plomb, which kindly made their spaces accessible for some of our sessions.