INVISIble architectures 



ongoing research project

concept and interviews: Simone Basani 

curatorial support: Alice Ciresola

We carry places with us (Trigg, The Memory of Place, 2012), in our bodies.


This is what we have understood while collecting from single citizens of Gdańsk the narrations that constitute the core of Galeria Gdańsk itd. project. An archive of recent and older episodes regarding the relationship between them and the city. Delicate cultural and social issues emerged through personal reflections, confessions, and protests. While listening and editing the material together with the participants we noticed how the memories tend to be grounded in physical spaces, to be supported by their architecture and topography. As Jan Assman states, "memory needs spaces”. We soon started then to consider the participants as living archives that carry the memory of certain events through the geography of public and personal places of the city.


How do we remember places we experienced in the past, and which are, now, apparently lost forever? 

Think about squares, clubs, museums, schools, churches, parks, famous or not, where you grew up or visited on special occasions.


Through Tricity inhabitants’ testimonies (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot), interviewed between April and May, such lost heritage will be re-constructed in order to make it public. 


Invisible Architectures


organized by ŁAŹNIA CCA – Gdańsk, within the frame of the international project Artecitya, financed within the program Creative Europe 2014-2020


and in cooperation with the University of Gdańsk and ECS | European Solidarity Centre.