Kortrijk, Belgium 

community art project 

Concept: Simone Basani

In collaboration with the Kortrijk citizens: Yolanda Depoorter, Eunice Obi, Marie Ferragne

and  Sarah, Yeabsira, Eden, Kristin, Eveline, Abdullah, Munzer

ph. Valentina Tiziani 

An Encyclopaedia for Kortrijk, a performative collection of entries about the city life itself, has been developed together with a group of 10 people different for ages (from 16 to 50 years old), education and culture, coming from Nigeria, Haiti, Ethiopia, France, Iraq, Ireland/Congo, USA. Some of them arrived a few months ago in Kortrijk, some others more than twenty years ago.


Each entry after the 10 days residency in Buda Kunstencentrum has been shaped through different media: video, performances, audio. Twijfel, church, in between, social empowerment and invisibility. Some entries have become proposals for new social meeting points, conceived and managed by newcomers, for the city. The process of research and creation of the entries has pushed each participant to question his or her position within the city life, the accessibility to education, services, work - different forms of discrimination. After that, they started to call themselves aliens, people in-between, invisible.


The outputs were publicly presented as a first step of the project in the Trouwzaal of the city hall and in the local Broelmuseum set up for those occasions and transformed in temporary public forums to discuss with the local residents the entries of the Enyclopaedia. 

Curatorial support and communication: Alice Ciresola


Production and video-making: Valentina Tiziani 

A project in collaboration with: BUDA Kunstencentrum and Designregio Kortrijk